Can Dogs Transfer Corona between humans

Dogs are curious fellas, they welcome strangers everywhere we go. Running in the park is one of the few things we can do today while keeping our six feet distance. However, as we were passing someone, my dog greeted them with a sniff or the hang. That made me wonder can transfer somebody else’s virus to me? What about the surface that might have been contaminated by Corona? After washing my dog three times a week, I decided to research this further.

Base on Illinois college of Veterinary Medicine, although my dog can’t get COVID 19, it can act as a “conduit infection between people“. Additionally, they recommend not inviting the animal to the hospital or visit sick patients.

I searched the internet for a solution on how to clean my dog after every walk, and I found a startup that invented a patent process to clean dogs in 10 minutes or disinfects them in 3 minutes. They are ramping their production for under 10 minutes of solutions that offer antiseptic solutions. PetScrub Protect line was built for COVID 19 solution that includes cleaning solution and product for less than the price of a vacuum cleaner. For $250 you can order Product with