Frequently Asked Questions

What is PetScrub?
PetScrub is a portable cleaning solution that cleans your pets similar to bathing, without the soaking or all the stuff you need to clean a pet.


When will PetScrub be available?
We are rapidly ramping up for production of PetScrub, aiming for our first production batch of the holiday season!

You can pre-order your PetScrub today to reserve the special early-bird pricing. Your card WILL NOT be charged until we’re ready to ship. We appreciate your support and are confident you’ll love your PetScrub(s).

How loud is Motor? 
The motor is quieter than vacuum and louder than running car. All dogs are different, most dogs adopt Petscrub with no issue, it was a matter how you introduce them to PetScrub. We have a quick unique adoption process that is unique and will share an instructional video at the time of launch.

Can PetScrub do more than one thing?
Yes, you can add multiple functions to each PetScrub. Every function is associated with a unique knock/tap pattern.
What rooms or general locations work with PetScrub?

Pre-order your own PetScrub today, and see how it can change your Pets life!

Can we use our Own Shampoo?
We have been testing shampoos for the past 3 years to product most effective clean and long-term performance of the machine. WE partnered with top bands and offered shampoo at a comparable price to offer you best value and options for our furry friends.  and are partnering with top brands to offer the best options for your furry friends. You are welcome to use your own, however highly not recommend it.

Still have questions?
If you still have any questions, let us know and we’ll get back to you