PetScrub Protect


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includes Antispectic Formula 3 bottles of Shampoo.

PetScrub Machine $299.99
3 Antiseptic shampoo $15.99
2 Brushes 10.99
Total – $249.99
Saving: $119.95.

We are ramping up the production of PetScrub Daily Protect to help minimize diseases transfer and protect your dog.

What is new in PetScrub Protect: 

1. Much Quieter.
2. Rinsing feature for daily cleaning.
3. Cooling dogs during winter.
4. Improve Brush Design

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 PetScrub is the only Patented bathing solution that cleans and desheds dogs in minutes without the mess and hassle.

PetScrub is a fast, simple, easy, and worry-free clean solution.

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With regular usage of PetScrub Daily Protect you help protect you or loved one from other human transfer diseases.

Clean Dog- Clean bed
The PetScrub keeps your dog cleaner and smelling fresh longer, which makes it more enjoyable to spend time with your pet indoors.

The Petscrub easily and quickly removes dirt, sand, and mud, and leaves a soft, clean coat.  Because it doesn’t require extra equipment, it eliminates any mess and cleanup.

PetScrub will deshed, bathe, and dry your dog in three easy steps.

Start by gently brushing and de-shedding your dog.  Loose hair stays on the brush, keeping your area hair-free.

When your dog is ready, switch on the shampoo with one click.  Brush around your dog for a deep, fresh clean.

Turn off the shampoo, and gently brush your dog to remove the shampoo.  Your dog will love the clean feeling, and you will enjoy the fresh smell. For dogs that are shy of noise, set your PetScrub to Spunk Training Mode.  Your dog will stay happy and relaxed during the whole process of brushing, scrubbing, and drying.

It only takes a few minutes to dry your dog’s clean and shiny coat.

Every order of PetScrub comes with free shampoo.  Our shampoo maximizes cleaning and pH balanced for your dog.  With the PetScrub, our shampoo is more effective in cleaning and leaves a fresh scent.  After your pledge, you will have the choice between two different options of shampoo to choose from Anti-Itch Sensitive Skin Shampoo, and Aloe Vera Scent Shampoo. 

We want you to feel comfortable buying our shampoo, so we price our basic shampoos at the market price usually, $10-$13,  and will open up licensing for other Shampoo companies for medicated or specialty shampoo to reformulate their shampoos for PetScrub to guarantee consistent shiny coat with every scrub.

The benefits of the PetScrub are endless! Regularly using the PetScrub is a huge health benefit to your dog because it helps with deshedding, creates a healthy, clean coat, and your dog stays smelling fresh all month long. It also has many benefits for the owner, such as cleaner floors and house and saves money!