Frequently Asked Questions

What is PetScrub?
PetScrub is a new pet care solution that combines the most common pet maintenance needs in one solution. PetScrub keeps your pet clean and de-sheds their hair all in minutes. There is no other Pet care like it.

Does PetScrub replace home bathing or grooming?
With our early home bathing adopters, we noticed they can depend on PetScrub for most of their bathing.   Instead of washing once every two weeks, can go on every 6-8 weeks. They do see a significant time saver and less vacuuming around the house.

As for grooming, PetScub will not replace haircuts or deep washes. However, as the dog stays clean for the much longer period, it will save you trips to the groomer and therefore money.

When will PetScrub be available?
We are rapidly ramping up for production of PetScrub and will be launching later 2019.

How much will the shampoo cost?
At a time of launch, we will be offering the basic shampoo that is chemical free. The price of the shampoo will be comparable to the market price which averages $12.99 and up.

Still, have questions?
If you still have any questions, let us know and we’ll get back to you