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Our patented and tested technologies proved to be the solution that most pet owners are looking for. 

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Consumer Products:

Consumer product space is extremely crowded with traditional solutions products. To penetrate and dominate a market space you need a disrupting technology that offers out-of-the-box solutions that are easier, better, cheaper, and more efficient. Our ready to go to market Petscrub machine is that one product that will take the pets’ grooming industry by a storm. 

 Travel Products

Pet ready to go on tripCustomers are going places with their pets from camping, flights, and long vacations. Cleaning on-the-go is non-existent in traveling, and with PetScrub’s technology, it is a portable cleaning machine. 

Auto Accessories:

PetScrub can be deployed at larger commercial use such as hospitals, dog shelter places, cleaning stations, mobile vehicles, and much more. Email us to learn more.

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