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The Best Pet Shower Solution
Dry to Dry in minutes!

Catch feature 1
Get your dog Dirty to Dry with fast dog cleaning machine.


Keep car clean after run in the Dog Park or Beach
Petscrub is portable, take with you anywhere,  keeps mud and germs out of your car

Benefit 3

2 in 1 – De-Shed and Clean
Combing bathing and de-shedding brush in one maintenance solution

Benefit/Design 4 (detail)

Beautiful portable design that is durable and you can take with you anywhere.
Technical Specs:
  1. Portable and light weight
  2. Sound elimination technology
  3. Patent Pending Technology to quickly clean pets
  4. Reusable interchangeable Brush

Benefit 5

No Towel, No Tub , No Laundry.
PetScrub has a unique process of releasing shampoo and air trapping technology to clean your dog anywhere soak free.

benefit 5

Pays for itself
Regular cleaning will decrease your grooming visits, house cleaning and toweling.

Benefit 6

Keep Dog hair out of your Dry
Dog towel will Washing dog towels keeps Keep your hair away from cloth

 Benefit 7

Training Mode: In training mode to adapt dogs to  PetScrub within minutes with progressive sound control.

  1. Fast: Clean and dry your pet quickly with little discomfort to your pet.
  2. Quite: Reinforced with Soundproof technology
  3. Comfortable: Dogs love Brushing and attention
  4. No Mess: No
  5. Brush not bath: PetScrub is based on brushing technology requiring
  6. Treat and Towel Drawer: There are two drawers to carry with you
  7. Interchangeable brush: You can replace the brush ideal for multiple dogs.
Adoptions Process:
3 easy Steps to PetScrub
Brush, Clean , Dry
Trust (who we are )
We are local Houston pet lovers that feel our pets brings joy back to our pets.
trust 2/ contact us

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